How We Do Staffing That Works

Whether an employee is working with your company for two weeks or ten years, fit matters. At TalentForce, we strive to ensure every candidate is a great fit not just for the role, but also for your company.

Our proven process will help you control costs, maintain productivity, manage risk and improve the quality and accuracy of your new hires.

The Talent FIT

F: We FIND the candidate through a variety of effective sourcing strategies.

I: We IDENTIFY the skills and attributes of the candidate through our 5 A’s Process.

T: We TRANSITION the candidate to become part of your company culture.

The 5 A’s

1 Apply

The candidate applies through our responsive digital application.

2 Assess

We conduct a behavioral interview, assess skills and complete pre-employment screenings and background checks.

3 Accept

The new associate is onboarded, so they are ready to hit the ground running.

4 Acclimate

Associates are welcomed to the TalentForce family in our customized New Associate Seminar.

5 Assign

The perfect associate is integrated into your organization and culture.

Just the FACTS

Our commitment to service doesn’t end with a placement. Once the associate has been assigned, we ensure quality through the entire assignment by sticking to the FACTS:

F: First-day arrival check at the beginning of the assignment.

A: Associate assignment check at the end of day three.

C: Customer first week check at the end of the first week.

T: Target productivity checks every 30 days for the duration of the assignment.

S: Summary assignment review after the last day of the assignment.

Our Services

Temporary Staffing

Access skilled workers to cover short-term gaps or increases in demand without adding staff to your payroll. TalentForce can help you ensure productivity through challenges like:

  • Vacation coverage
  • Leaves of absence
  • Seasonal support
  • Short- and long-term projects
  • Temp-to-Hire

Test before you invest! Hiring is risky business. Before committing to an offer of full-time employment, take advantage of TalentForce U-Fit®. This is a unique program that offers a 2 percent refund of the amount billed for the probationary period of your chosen candidate.

Direct Placement

Shorten your search and overcome your most pressing hiring challenges. TalentForce will find you the right candidates at the right time.

On-Site Services

For large temporary workforces, TalentForce can provide an on-site coordinator to issue job requisitions, manage payroll, oversee training and handle disciplinary issues at your location.

Ready to find the right FIT? Contact TalentForce today or request an employee.