In today’s tight labor market, companies are scrambling to hire great talent to fill their open positions.  Using your staffing provider to find employees is one way to cut down on the hours spent sourcing candidates on your own.  Recruiters spend the majority of their day recruiting, screening and interviewing job candidates.  Recruiting comes in many forms and pairing with a staffing company who uses multi-approach recruiting can help you find the labor you need.  In addition, the recruiter usually has already spoken with a candidate several times so has a good idea of their skills and availability before you even need them.  This aids the employer to find a good culture and job fit for the company.  In addition, the staffing agency usually has a steady stream of candidates that are being vetted and processed to become associates for customers so this means they can get your positions filled quickly.  By using a temporary agency, the employer can adjust their workforce when business demands.  Direct hiring is also a benefit to using a staffing provider because they usually have candidates that are looking for permanent placement.  At TalentForce, we focus on recruiting to have available candidates when you need talent.

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